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Interior Design 101: Decorating Tips for Beginners

July 29, 2015 1:38 pm

So you didn’t go to school for interior design? No big deal; you can still transform your home into a designer-worthy space using just a few simple tips. These handy tricks will show you how to inject a stylish, inspiring look into any room in your home.

  1. Use symmetry. If you’re unsure of how to arrange the furniture in a room or hang frames on a wall, simply keep the idea of symmetry in mind. Symmetrical rooms are more pleasing to the eye, so try adding two sofas facing one another to help balance your living room.
  2. Consider the scale. Be sure to choose furniture in a size that fits your specific room. Choose large, overstuffed items for more open rooms and compact, apartment-sized furniture in smaller spaces.
  3. Choose a focal point. If the majority of your furniture is fairly plain, invest in one statement piece as an accent. Try a colorful chair, a large, framed painting, or an ornate rug.
  4. Use color to your advantage. Choose the color scheme of a room based on what type of emotion you want the room to convey. For example, use soft, soothing tones to encourage relaxation in a bedroom.
  5. Mix new and vintage pieces. While a room full of thrift store furnishings may look mismatched, using all brand new furniture looks impersonal. Combine the two styles for a designer look.

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Revere Beach Sand Sculptures!

July 23, 2015 12:04 pm

Looking for something fun and different to do this weekend?!? Check out the Revere Beach sand sculptures!
For more information visit their website: HERE

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Don’t Miss the Lobster Bisque at Turner’s Seafood

July 22, 2015 12:45 pm

The Turner family has been crafting fresh, local seafood for four generations, so you can expect the fare at Turner's Seafood to be something special. According to Yelp reviews, a few of the dishes stand out in particular. The lobster bisque makes waves (it's even won awards), as do the raw oysters.

The oysters are just one item you can grab at the raw bar. Littleneck and cherrystone clams, nachos topped with tuna sashimi and candied ginger, and lobster cocktail (hot or cold) are all on the list of raw bar dishes, as well. If you're still hungry for a full meal after a bowl of the soup or a feast of oysters, move on to one of the seafood-oriented entrees. Try the traditional New England boiled lobster with drawn butter or the baked shrimp filled with a seafood vegetable stuff. New England scrod comes fried or boiled; pub-style fish is accompanied by the classic "chips"; and linguine and clams illustrates a hint of Italian inspiration.

Turner's Seafood
506 Main Street
Melrose, MA 02176
(781) 662-0700

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